CO.MET. dei F.lli Cappello srl

CO.MET. dei F.lli Cappello has been working in the field of aluminum, iron and steel processing for over 30 years.
To keep up with the times, www.swissreplica.tothe staff is constantly updated working with extreme professionalism, making the company a synonym of excellence both in the metal carpentry sector and on aluminum or PVC windows.
We follow our customers from inspections to the preparation of the estimate, to the consultancy for the design, up to the installation of the works, turnkey, in a relationship of maximum collaboration.

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CO.MET. manufactures a wide range of products such as mezzanines, metal carpentry, precarious structures, screw line, gates, railings, railings, stairs (also fireproof), bioclimatic pergolas, gratings, canopies, curtain walls, window frames, darkening, mosquito nets, doors, industrial doors , sectional doors and photovoltaic components.

  • Saint-gobain Windows Expert
  • Imprecom Sicilia
  • Fischer
  • Rolltek
  • Schuco
  • Metra